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Fitted Alcove Cabinets & Home Office with an Oak Desk

Woodford, Stockport

Lovely alcove cabinets and a dream home office for Kate.

In the living room, we have two classic shaker alcove cabinets, finishing off this real homely living room in F&B’s Wevet. Matching in each alcove with a cable tidy for lamps on each side. On the right, it’s set in allowing a place for the long curtains to be pulled back fully to let the light in.

Click here to see shadows casting on one of the cabinets, looks heavenly. And here to see the cabinets before decorating.

A dream home office in F&B’s Hague Blue with an oiled oak desk.

The oak desk wraps around the room making a perfect working place, right in front of the window. Under the desk there is a printer cabinet allowing any cables to run underneath the desk and out the matching oak cable tidy, right where you need them. Next are the double and single cabinets ready to be filled up with all of Kate’s paper work. Then the fun part, a beautiful book and display shelving cabinet on top of the oak desk.

What a lovely place to work! The deep blue and oak are just a perfect combo.

Click here for a closer look.

Close up of Marcus's hand using an electric wood sander in the Cheshire Bespoke Joinery workshop.

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