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When it comes to bespoke and custom pieces, the best way to get an idea on price is to tell us all about your project.

Custom fitted furniture and unique bespoke pieces have so many variables even from project to project never mind company to company.

From companies with set ranges fitting wrapped doors with fixed carcass sizes to company’s hand making doors and spraying to your custom design.

Products and therefore price differences can be great. As what we do is very bespoke, made for your space and designed for you it’s hard to give an idea on price without knowing your project.

For a rough ballpark figure prices normally start from around £1600 a linear meter; meaning a 2 meter wide 4 tall door wardrobe would start from £3200.

A floor to ceiling starts from around £1900 a linear meter; meaning a 2 meter wide wardrobe with 4 tall doors and 4 small doors on top would start from £3800.

Although this goes up and up the more you add such as lighting, oak internals, dovetail drawers and so on.

The best way to find out is simply get in touch and tell us all about it.

Close up of Marcus's hand using an electric wood sander in the Cheshire Bespoke Joinery workshop.

Get Started

Get started on your project today by telling us all about it. 

From knowing exactly what you want or needing some guidance on making the best use of your space or on finishes and materials to get that unique design. We’d love to hear from you.